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  • Vijay Vergara (Monday, February 27 23 10:55 am EST)

    Hello dear how are you

  • jangofett_33@protonmail.com (Tuesday, January 17 23 04:13 pm EST)

    i wish i found this site earlier!! i booked a session with what I thought was a woman in utah but it was really a man!! i also found another one that said she is a girl but on instagram she is a clown and overweight and also a lesbian!! i am looking for a real girl that is pretty and not a dyke!!

  • Highjinkx (Saturday, June 18 22 09:22 pm EDT)


  • Drew (Saturday, May 14 22 01:56 am EDT)

    Hello :)

  • Driver (Saturday, February 26 22 01:26 pm EST)

    There are alot of women who say they are Dominatrixes in Utah. I had the pleasure of meeting miss vicious for the first time yesterday and she is the only true Dominatrix in Utah. She is beautiful and petite and not pretending to be something she is not like some of the other Dominatrixes who are lesbian overweight or a man in drag. I dont see anywhere to leave reviews on website so I came here to tell everyone she is a true and real lady of domination in Salt Lake City Utah. I have seen many Dominatrixes around the usa and a few in Canada and she left me with a lasting impression. My balls still hurt when I sit in my truck to drive. I will never call another woman in Utah again because they are fake. I will always serve Miss vicious when I am in Salt lake she is truly an amazing one of a kind woman.

  • Highjinkx (Saturday, January 08 22 09:49 am EST)


  • beta slave patrick (Saturday, November 27 21 12:57 pm EST)

    Hey is Mistress Vicious feeling better? i heard she was sick for awhile and would like to book a session. i saw a few other doms in town but clearly they don't know what they are doing. i guess that's why they are not on this site heh. Serves me right i promise to devote myself only to true alpha females verified by the femocracy group.

  • Nikki (Tuesday, September 14 21 02:11 am EDT)

    Looking for a dom whos kink is trust

  • Sissy in SLC (Tuesday, January 26 21 11:16 pm EST)

    Hello I am trans looking for a lady to serve

  • bottomsup (Monday, June 01 20 11:50 am EDT)

    i saw miss vicious for the first time i a in loveee!

  • ATB (Sunday, April 19 20 01:00 pm EDT)

    Any Dominatrix in Utah still doing Sessions?

  • xxxxxxx (Saturday, March 14 20 02:11 pm EDT)

    i pray every day the Mistresses stay safe during the virus scare.

  • kevin stahl (Thursday, January 23 20 10:04 pm EST)

    hello I really like your site

  • taboo (Monday, December 09 19 10:15 pm EST)

    Merry Xmas to the Mistresses *kisses feet*

  • breathe player (Thursday, July 18 19 11:36 am EDT)

    I once saw miss julie spanks years ago. She agreed to breathe play *a favorite kink of mine* but I didn't know she was drunk at the time. She completley ruined my love of this kink and gave me PTSD. I have been terrified of seeing a pro dom ever since or even trying anything that involves choking, gagging, and anything involving breathe play at parties. I recently started seeing Miss Harli. I've spend a few sessions just talking with her and expressing my past traumatic experience from juliespanks. Meeting Miss Harli and speaking with her has ignited a faint light of trying breathe play again. She is very caring and so so understanding of my condition and safety. I hope one day I can fully enjoy this type of play again but until then I am incredibly thankful I have found Miss Harli through this website. Thank You!!!

  • underherheels (Wednesday, July 03 19 08:49 pm EDT)

    Is Misstress vicious still in salt lake and offering foot worship?

  • Heather Riley (Friday, April 26 19 12:25 am EDT)

    I would just like more information

  • Heather Riley (Friday, April 26 19 12:25 am EDT)

    I would just like more information

  • slave dan (Wednesday, April 03 19 07:52 pm EDT)

    i saw mistress Vicious last week and she was amazing WOW!! Thank you for such a great website mistress Vicious is teaching me how to submit to all women and treat all females as the superior queen they are. i hope to change my life forever serving mistress Vicious for the rest of my life she now hold my key so i will remember who is in charge and my place in a female lead world..

  • jay (Wednesday, February 20 19 10:17 am EST)

    Hi does miss muscle sell videos? please have her contact me!!

  • i want cbt (Saturday, January 12 19 03:01 pm EST)

    Hi is Miss Harli doing sessions again?

  • cfnm (Friday, November 02 18 03:11 pm EDT)

    please have miss vicius ruin me

  • Joey (Tuesday, April 03 18 02:07 am EDT)

    i am a submissive male, 21 years old, lives alone

  • realbbyboi (Tuesday, January 30 18 05:13 pm EST)


  • jparks88@yahoo.com (Tuesday, November 08 16 12:26 am EST)

    please own mee

  • jparks88@yahoo.com (Tuesday, November 08 16 12:25 am EST)

    please own mee!

  • bbrain (Monday, September 26 16 11:48 pm EDT)


  • slc slave (Saturday, July 23 16 11:46 pm EDT)

    this unworthy mule seeks a mean mistress to teach manners and proper ways to be a sissy girl. please email me slcslave@yahoo.com

  • p.pig85 (Friday, March 04 16 03:12 am EST)

    wow!! just wow!! I am in awe of this.wondetful site. I thought I was alone ..for so long! thank you!!

  • slave dave (Tuesday, February 23 16 08:12 pm EST)

    fetish night COOL!!!! can I serve Mistress Harli??

  • E (Tuesday, January 26 16 05:31 pm EST)

    Thanks for putting this site up again. i have been looking for Miss V for quite awhile now. i am very happy she remembers me and will dress me up again :)

  • God (Tuesday, January 12 16 08:01 pm EST)

    Great to see the site back!

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