Fetish & Domination of Salt Lake City
Fetish & Domination of Salt Lake City


The following individuals listed have been proven to be FAKESTIME WASTERS, and a danger to the community

Those who have tried to top from the bottom and lie about their submissive nature may also appear on this list.
Those who have broken contract or angered their Mistress with harassment are also listed for the
safety of fetish players in the scene



Rory Allen
Very upset that he did not earn the
right to sniff dirty socks, and turned
offensive towards his Mistress.


Does not understand what 'FETISH' is and insists he needed an escort. Sorry little maggot, no true Dominant does that!







Austin Lindsay Photography

aka Barbie Bellmont.
Unsatisfactory photos and admitted to masturbating to photos kept for personal collection rather than producing and releasing quality content. Has repeatedly harassed Princess Honey though email, personal facebook, and other forms of over all creep status. This is a slave who wants to be used as a sissy slut in sexual acts, and has no desire to please a Mistress through S/m servitude. 

San Jose
A true time waster. Will email several times a day but will never show up to 
an appointment. Refuses to deposit. 


Anyone using the name: 
IknowThings /


(yahoo or CollarSpace)
or any type of variation of such name is a waste of time! He thinks tribute can be provided in videos/photos of himself, and is ultimately looking for sex services. 

Elaine Ollerton


Magna Utah resident stalking Miss Vicious. 

Sager Thurman


Repeatedly cancels last minuet and flakes due to getting drunk at a bar and making an ass of himself. Failed sissy and undesirable submissive cuck. Refuses to provide deposit because he knows he will flake out! This one enjoys chatting through email rather than showing up for an appointment. 


Chris Putman


'Putty boy' has yet again broken his contract with Miss HarliQueen and is now permanently BLACKLISTED!
This specimen likes to back out of contract, break promises, try to steal playroom equipment/gear that is not his, and complain of not receiving reward when he does absolutely nothing to deserve one. He must be bi-polar because he is constantly changing his mind and tries to blame it on the Mistress. Ladies beware of his multiple long-winded and harassing emails he sends daily. This is the type of loser who thinks he can do and say whatever he wants just because he has gifts to offer.



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